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ROADY deal

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ERGOLASH® has collected an ideal deal for you

It is practical with ERGOLASH lashing straps in you car.

The deal contains:

The lashing strap model called ROADY is perfect to secure smaller things eg. bikes.

Are you going on vacation ROADY lashing straps can be practical to bring with you.

The Dynello Clips store your winded lashing straps, while you are not using them.

Lashing for trailer and van

With ROADY, you will benefit from the fast way of inserting the strap into the ratchet, which is a characteristic of ERGOLASH®


Total length, webbing4 m
Width, webbing25 mm
Material of lashing: webbing100% polyester
LC at direct lashing 400 daN / 400 kg
LC at top-over lashing800 daN / 800 kg
Standard Tension Force (STF)100 daN / 100 kg
Standard Hand Force (SHF)50 daN / 50 kg
Hook typeJ-hook
Ratchet typePush for tension
Clip fits strap type 25mm strap-width
Material of clips AISI 304 Stainless steel